Hello World,
I'm Victor García Rojo

Multidisciplinary Artist

I love developing games using 2D, 3D, pixel art, animation, and traditional art, and I have a passion for art direction and creative production. During my experience of more than 16 years in the industry, I have worked for companies such as Pyro Studios, Wayforward Technologies, Play Wireless, Lemonquest, and a wide range of indie developers.
Aside from my portfolio, feel free to check out my links at the end of the page, and if you want to reach out you'll be very welcome!

Resident Evil
Demon Girl
Downward Spiral
Ink Machine
Green death
Spike Collar
Ended World
Ogre Knight

Published Titles

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Thor God of Thunder (WayFoward)
a franchise of the film Thor by Miramax
Link to official page
Super Soccer Club (Pyro Mobile)
a mid-core soccer themed multiplayer freemium game that mixes several genres and won the 2015 best Spanish smartphone & tablet game award
Link to official page
Furby Island (LemonQuest - IMGA Award 2007)
an isometric adventure game for which I designed mechanics, gameplay, sprites, animations, material marketing, and a huge work of portabilization
Link to preview and gameplay video
Evolution Planet (Play Wireless)
a casual, wide audience targeted match-three game with more sophisticated game mechanics than in similar products. Launched both as a freemium and a premium product on the AppStore, Google Play, Amazon Underground, Amazon Store, Mac Store, Steam (GreenLight) and other digital channels.
Link to official release on Steam
Trog Smash Island (Baviux)
an indie platform game for which I designed the characters, animations and UX/UI
Link to Google Play Store release
Paradise Club (Play Wireless)
a social network tycoon for which I designed a lot of characters, props and landscapes
Link to gameplay video
Link'a'word (LemonQuest)
the mythical linking words game in a multiplayer mobile game adaptation
Official trailer
Discovering Telecomunications with Mobi & Fono (Fundación Telefónica)
an interactive educational project developed for Fundación Telefónica
Link to App Store release
Guess Who? (LemonQuest)
the mythical board game adapted to mobile devices
Link to official trailer
Pictocross (LemonQuest)
a multiplayer sudoku-like puzzle game
Link to preview video
1942 Air Combat (LemonQuest)
a vertical shooter inspired by WW2
Link to gameplay video
Dots & Boxes (LemonQuest)

Unreleased Titles

Commandos (Pyro Mobile)
an adaptation of the world-famous franchise of Commandos
Zombie Crusaders (Pyro Mobile)
a turn based rpg strategy game mixing medieval ages and zombies
Moles (Play Wireless)
a platform game
Rocket Surfer (Noite Studio)
a one button indie game
Nin-Ja (Noite Studio)
a fastpaced platformer indie game
Mech-Hero (Noite Studio)
a vertical retro space shooter indie game